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       Fire Alarm Company ”Napertskali Ltd.” is the exclusive representative of Israeli company TELEFIRE and Danish firm Fire Eater in the South Caucasus.
       The key to early discovery of fire so that the fire could not spread any further. The system responds to smoke, fire, gas particles or flames.
       Ltd. Fire Alarm ”Napertskali” provides consumers with a type system, that most satisfies the client's requirements. The company technicians can install protective systems in almost all types of buildings and facilities where possible fire is a major threat and may cause great material damage to public or state organizations.
       Ltd. Fire Alarm ”Napertskali” offers its clients automatic fire-extinguishing systems, combined with early detection systems using modern software in order to be able to accurately track and indicate the fire risk and timely utilize self-suppression system.
       Ltd. Fire Alarm ”Napertskali” has intensive experience and we encourage you to trust us to provide you with the highest quality fire protection system to protect your property. Our prices are quite reasonable considering the quality of service.       


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