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TDM-500i Intelligent Dialer and Annunciator
Telefire's TDM-500i Intelligent Dialer is intended for use in fire, security and safety systems to call automatically dial and play pre-recorded voice messages on alarm and trouble events to emergency services and key personnel. The TDM-500i is available in two configurations:
TDM-500i the standard version that uses
24 VDC sourse. TDM-500i/12 an optional version that uses 12 VDC sourse. Another version is the TDM-500iC – a cellular automatic dialer for GSM networks.
TIP-224A / TIP-224 Alarm Notification Sounder - Indoor
TIP-224A is an analog addressable device that integrates an indoor syren and an addressable output module, eliminating the need for an output module installed in a separate box. As an added benefit the unit contains a high-brightness LED. The TIP-224A is intended for indoor use wherever there is a need for an indoor audible alarm.
TFS-214S Alarm Notification Sounder
The TFS-214S is a Indoor Alarm Notification Sounder with a strobe.
strong>Outdoor Sounder & Beaconა
The Outdoor Sounder is an audible and visual device which requires one single installation point. This Sounder combination reduces installation costs and much less obtrusive than two separate devices.
СПТ-800ASR - Call Points.
TPB-800ASR - analog addressable call point. It consists of a standard alarm call point unit and an analog addressable interface module.
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