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Production of the Israeli firm TeleFire

       Analog Fire Alarm Control Panel ADR-3000
       The ADR-3000 fire alarm system is a state of the art fire alarm control panel that bridges the gap between conventional fire alarm systems and existing large analog addressable systems, enabling even small fire alarm installations to benefit from the latest technology at a cost-effective price (more...).



       Addressable Fire-Phone System TFP-3000
       The firemen phone system, TFP-3000 is an addressable fire phone add-on to be integrated with the ADR-3000 intelligent analog addressable fire alarm systems. By using addressable fire men phone points, the system enables to supervise numerous number of points with individual supervision of each point.


       Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel TSA-1000
        The conventional multi-zone fire alarm system, TSA-1000 is ideally suited for new and retrofit applications. The system controls 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 detection lines. Designed for small - to medium commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, it meets and exceeds the current requirements. The TSA-1000 fire alarm system is installer friendly, and can be easily configured in the field without any special tools. Its advanced activation matrix allows flexible configurations varying from simple to very complex requirements.



      Conventional dual-zone fire alarm system TSA-200.
       The TSA-200 which is manufactured by Telefire is a dual-zone conventional fire alarm control panel for fire detection and automatic extinguishing. The TSA-200 is designed to meet the requirements of the Israeli standard – 1220 part 2, the UL 864 ninth edition standard and the EN-54 European standard.


        Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel GSA-1000
       The fire alarm system, GSA-1000 is an advanced computerized fire alarm control panel for fire and gas detection and automatic extinguishing. this fire alarm system controls 4-, 8-, or 16 detection lines and related programmable output lines that enable the operation of sirens, automatic extinguishing devices, evacuation alarm, or any other output device.



       Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel GSA-2B
       The GSA-2B is a dual zone automatic fire alarm and extinguishing control panel that can be operated with a wide range of detectors.



       Evacuation System EVAX-25
       The EVAX 25 is an evacuation system that can be integrated with the ADR-3000 fire alarm system. The system is powered and supervised by the analog addressable ADR-3000 and allows announcing standard warning sounds and messages in the protected premises according to the logic of the AAM (Advanced Activation Matrix) of the ADR-3000.


Danish firm Fire Eater A/S- products

SD64+/082 Service Convantional Fire Alarm Powerhouses

At high performance and quality,with microprocessor control,programmable,fire alarm powerhouses. EN 54 and SSPB (Russia) certificated.Approved by General Management of Civil Defence of Kazakhistan, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Bulgaria

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